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The Winslow Medical Group helps bridge the gaps between physicians, administrative systems and payers. We do this by first developing an understanding of local issues and market characteristics, and improving the transparency of information to the different viewpoints. Then, by knowledgeably facilitating discussion, the Winslow Medical Group helps the physicians, administrators, and payers implement changes targeting the combination of increased quality and efficiency.

There is frequently antipathy amongst the major participants in the delivery of health care: health care systems/hospitals, physicians and payers. One of the barriers to cooperation between parties in health care delivery includes a lack of transparency, which inhibits dialogue. A second major barrier to working together is an inability to separate issues from feelings. These barriers need to be addressed in order to achieve useful changes that combine behavior and policy that will improve delivery of medical care to stakeholders.

Utilizing proven techniques of change management, we can help groups improve cooperation and develop a framework for working towards the common goals of increased quality and efficiency in the delivery of health care.

We can help you, whether a system administrator, a system medical officer, a payer representative, or a physician.  E-mail us at  [email protected]

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