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Have Mergers and Acquisitions among Hospitals Improved Our Lot?

While Merger and Acquisition activity in health care has increased, the rationale for these activities seem to have little effect on improving the delivery of health care itself. Continue reading

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Getting Policies Implemented is tough

Getting legislation implemented was intended to be slow. However, recent developments in the countries polarization and political processes, combined with other influences has made the process slower and more pondersome. Simplifying the process of bill writing and limiting bills to a single issue, as well as limiting outside influences might make legislation more understandable and achievable. Continue reading

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Pandemics are not new. Have we learned anything from 1918-1919 Influenza?

There are similarities in the public responses to the “Spanish Flu” of 1918-1919 and the 2020 Covid-19 viral pandemics. Our understanding of the cause and biology of both illnesses are now better understood than in 1918. Nonetheless, treatment of both illnesses has been hampered by sub optimal public responses to both. Continue reading

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Why has respect for Medicine and Physicians largely evaporated?

Most, physicians choose to enter Medicine for more than “just” income opportunities. They are also motivated by altruism, and a desire to do good for the communities in which they served[i]. Physicians anticipated respect, which came from appropriately applying their … Continue reading

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General Shineski Needn’t Have Been Ousted – He Was Betrayed

At the end of May, after a series of exposés and congressional hearings, General Eric Shinseki, was pressured to resign as Secretary of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs… Could the VA scandal have been prevented? – In all likelihood yes. Would it have been easy to prevent? – No. Continue reading

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