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What Does “Follow the Science” REALLY Mean?

For some time, people have been encouraged to “Follow the Science”.  This was said even more loudly during the recent Coronavirus pandemic. The implication was that Science and scientific knowledge were absolute and relatively fixed, and that the answers to … Continue reading

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Getting Policies Implemented is tough

Getting legislation implemented was intended to be slow. However, recent developments in the countries polarization and political processes, combined with other influences has made the process slower and more pondersome. Simplifying the process of bill writing and limiting bills to a single issue, as well as limiting outside influences might make legislation more understandable and achievable. Continue reading

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Reading the Medical Literature.  Does anyone do it anymore?

Recently, I was at a virtual conference and the presenter showed graphics from several journals that I had never heard of. While it has always been the case that doctors have had to “keep up”   with developments in their field, … Continue reading

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Pandemics are not new. Have we learned anything from 1918-1919 Influenza?

There are similarities in the public responses to the “Spanish Flu” of 1918-1919 and the 2020 Covid-19 viral pandemics. Our understanding of the cause and biology of both illnesses are now better understood than in 1918. Nonetheless, treatment of both illnesses has been hampered by sub optimal public responses to both. Continue reading

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It Ain’t What You Don’t Know That Gets You into Trouble. It’s What You Know for Sure That Just Ain’t So”[i]

Many times what was thought to be true in the past turns out not to be. Keeping an open mind and thoroughly (critically or skeptically) evaluating new information is important as we grow in our ability to practice the best medicine possible. Continue reading

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Why Don’t Many People Like “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” (PL 111-148) also known as “ObamaCare”?

There are many potential reasons to not like the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PL 111-148). Most revolved around political differences on the role of government (Federal or State) in the delivery of health care. Some were related to business lobbying, and some were deliberate false characterizations of some components of the law.
One hopes that understanding some of these concepts will allow the public a broader, more balanced view of the law. Continue reading

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A Follow-up on the Autopsy

This follow up on the Autopsy has data and suggestions for returning the autopsy to a significant role in medical education (both initial and continuing education of physicians and all other health professionals). Pathologists have reported autopsy findings since before … Continue reading

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Why has respect for Medicine and Physicians largely evaporated?

Most, physicians choose to enter Medicine for more than “just” income opportunities. They are also motivated by altruism, and a desire to do good for the communities in which they served[i]. Physicians anticipated respect, which came from appropriately applying their … Continue reading

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Does Insurance oversight of clinical practice improve either quality of care, or patient outcomes?

When outside oversight, based solely on published guidelines, interferes with clinical care there are potentially multiple adverse outcomes, including physician and patient frustration, waste of time and interference with delivery of optimal care. There should be ways for insurers to use their databases to mitigate inefficient and intrusive oversight. Continue reading

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Cook County’s Sweetened Beverage Tax of November 2016 – It’s A Matter of Choice!

The Cook County of Illinois Board enacted a Sweetened Beverage Tax. The purpose of the tax was twofold. Every tax is is intended to increase revenue. This is no exception. However, the tax is a “choice tax”, that people can choose not to pay, by not buying drinks with added sweeteners. If people don’t add sugar to their diet, every expectation is that obesity and its complications will become less prominent. This will be associated with reduced health care costs. Continue reading

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